Learning to love, and trust

Coming from a single parent family, I think it’s wonderful when I hear couples celebrating their 1000th Anniversary. How do they even do that!?

So many things can go wrong in a relationship. Unfaithfulness, dishonesty, a change of feelings—anything. Maybe one day your spouse took your favorite cup and then..BAM.. you’re signing divorce papers.

I don’t think I can do it. Not that I’m a bad person. I just cannot imagine commitment for so long. Too many dependent variables and foggy futures.  So many things can change.

I think I need to learn to love, and trust.

Hopefully I’m not the only one alone feeling this way


College Anticipation

I think everyone that’s been through the college application process can agree with me that anticipating for those acceptance letters are the worst. My heart feels like it won’t continue beating until I know which college I will go to next fall.

For someone that’s been wanting to graduate since spring semester of my freshmen year only makes matters worst. The closer I am to getting accepted, the heavier my heart feels.

Which totally sucks.

Should of definitely done early action. Some of my friends have already gotten accepted into college.

Another wrong decision made. Good job, Christine. Good job!

** Advice to all underclassmen: DO EARLY ACTION!