A useful life lesson learnt in 2013

I do a lot of self reflecting on my own time. Although it makes me question myself a lot, as well as lower my self esteem; there are times when it is deemed very useful. Most of my epiphanies stem from self reflections. It stimulates my thinking; which is so something, unfortunately, that I don’t do very often.

My sudden outburst of realization actually sprung from a conversation with a friend of mine. I used to dread talking to this friend, because friend comes to me with nothing but problems friend is always experiencing.

Sometimes when people tell you their problems, it’s easy to get caught up along with the person’s conflicts and feelings. When this happens, it gives me a lot of stress. There’s this sense of responsibility in me that I have to resolve the issue. I get cranky, pull out my hair and bang my head against the wall. However, I learnt that you need to give the person advice and not walk around with the weight on your own shoulders. You simply give in your two cents, and walk away. You may choose to stay to listen, but remember not to conjoin the person’s perspective with your own. This way, you will be able to give the person a good piece of advice with an open mind. It’s important to learn to help others without adding on stress to yourself.

I hope everyone has a great new year! Cheers to 2014, to new beginnings. Next post will be in a year! Toddles!




Wise words from Jack Hodgins

I’ve recently became a really big American TV show watcher. Like many fellow addicts, I disregarded any warnings from individuals around me who’s been through, or currently still suffer, from TV show addiction. I’m currently diagnosed with White Collar, Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Gossip Girl, and Bones poisoning. You’re probably wondering where I find all this time. I’m a senior in high school, I hope that statement answers the question.

Bones was always a show I dragged my friends to watch with me in middle school whenever they allow me to persuade them. I was too scared to watch it alone. For some reason, though, I’ve decided to start from season 1 the past month, by myself. Yeah, I don’t know where I suddenly got the courage from, either.

It was in season 4 when I approached something very interesting that Dr. Jack Hodgins said.
He was describing relationships, romantic or otherwise. I didn’t record the whole conversation, but here’s a snippet of it:

…. You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering…..

& then he describes his feelings towards falling into a relationship:

… The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable….

When I heard what he said, all I could think of was ‘hold on, I need to hear this wisdom again so I can properly digest this..’ & ‘this must be written down to be blogged about later’

This just so accurately and intellectually describes the way I feel. HOW is it possible that such wisdom and accuracy can be condensed in a such clear and concise form? Kudos to Jack, you def have a doctorate for a reason.


Merry Christmas! My brother came home yesterday from Buffalo to celebrate with us.

I spent the morning in bed with my bag of roasted garlic and sea salt Lays that my hands were easily glued to. While my eyes were glued to something else, Netflix. I watched a few episodes of Bones before my sister climbed up the bunk bed to bother me. Her face was plastered with toothpaste (FYI: girls do this overnight to reduce acne redness LOL) when she squealed an annoying, perky, ‘Merry Christmas!’.

Then the three siblings spent the rest of the afternoon playing this complex Taiwanese monopoly game on the computer. It has stocks and everything, it’s our signature game. Super fun & never gets old.

Missing our forth sibling that currently resides in Hong Kong. It’s funny, the furthest gap is 17 years, but you can put any two of us together and we would still laugh together. Holding our tummies and gasping for air, with our eyes turning into parking meter quarter slots.

We ate, I napped, typical me.

Then I spent around two hours at a childhood friend’s house. I feel bad because my BFF invited me over to hers, but I politely declined. I hope she doesn’t get mad. Sorry, O., if you’re reading this! I only went for a little bit! Was not intentional!

Now I’m sitting here writing this. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!



I’ve been working since 8th grade. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. Yes, the bills are paid. But is it worth all the time I’ve lost? Is an hour really only worth 5,6,7,8,9,10 dollars?

I don’t know if I’m feeling regret at the moment & I’m not sure I’ve made the best decision. But then again, I wasn’t left with a lot of options.


Just quit my first retail job after only two months. It was fun while it lasted, but I found a job thats closer & isn’t paying me my shoe size an hour….I have small feet.

The new job is at a Korean bakery and I’m excited to start! It’s going to be long hours, but I will be making that $$$.

The only thing I will remotely miss is this guy that makes me really nervous at work every time he walks by. I smile really big and I look like an idioit…sighhhh. I hate boys. But that’s another post.

Spiritual Low

Christianity is a really big part of my life, at least, I would like to believe so. Many of my beliefs and morals stem from my religion, and I’ve always been proud of that.

Recently, though, it’s been hard to pay attention in church. It’s hard to listen to the pastor preach for 45 minutes. It’s hard to not look at my phone, and it’s hard not to be blogging about it right now as the pastor is preaching.

My religion is something I am passionate about. It’s in my prayer that one day I will get back on track and continue to thirst for the knowledge of Christ.



Choose a job yo…

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

– Confucius

It’s college applying season and everyone is going crazy on where they want to go in life. There’s this drive to find the specific direction we want to pursue in the future. No one wants to waste their time switching majors. 

But how long will it take for me to find the job I love? Will it be hard? Will I have to switch majors 3 or 4 times before I figure out what I like?