Merry Christmas! My brother came home yesterday from Buffalo to celebrate with us.

I spent the morning in bed with my bag of roasted garlic and sea salt Lays that my hands were easily glued to. While my eyes were glued to something else, Netflix. I watched a few episodes of Bones before my sister climbed up the bunk bed to bother me. Her face was plastered with toothpaste (FYI: girls do this overnight to reduce acne redness LOL) when she squealed an annoying, perky, ‘Merry Christmas!’.

Then the three siblings spent the rest of the afternoon playing this complex Taiwanese monopoly game on the computer. It has stocks and everything, it’s our signature game. Super fun & never gets old.

Missing our forth sibling that currently resides in Hong Kong. It’s funny, the furthest gap is 17 years, but you can put any two of us together and we would still laugh together. Holding our tummies and gasping for air, with our eyes turning into parking meter quarter slots.

We ate, I napped, typical me.

Then I spent around two hours at a childhood friend’s house. I feel bad because my BFF invited me over to hers, but I politely declined. I hope she doesn’t get mad. Sorry, O., if you’re reading this! I only went for a little bit! Was not intentional!

Now I’m sitting here writing this. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!



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