Reasons why Princess Christine is partner less

When I tell people I’ve never had a boyfriend before, I get very mixed reactions. Some people give me a I knew it face, while others immediate widen their eyes and question my purity.

I don’t think high school relationships are silly, I just don’t think they’re meant for me.

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Being independent & being inconsiderate

Sometimes, when I dismiss other’s help, I don’t realize that I am being indelicate to other’s feelings. Though it is not my intention, I realize that it has been happening frequently. When others offer their help out of the genuine kindness of their heart and I disallow it; I can see why it is a smack to the face for the person. However, it is also part of my personality to politely decline and reject. It’s not because I despise the person or have anything against them. I just feel more comfortable doing things on my own.

How my Martin Luther Day was spent

I was just getting my normal weekly-monthly dosage of senior anxiety. When you feel like none of your applications for college went through, because everyone is getting acceptance letters but you. I was checking all my online application statuses, when I received a phone call from my manager telling me to roll to work. They needed me to work ASAP.

So, thus began my ten hour shift. Making silly mistakes only when it mattered most; in front of the big boss…. Carelessness is my weakest trait I’ve been trying for four years to rid…Still working on it.

My shift finally ended at 8pm, which was also when all the juice happened.

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Promoted to assistant manager yesterday! I’m so glad God has given me the opportunity 😢😢. Thank you! I just pray that I’ll do a good job and live up to everyone’s expectations.

It’s kind of hard because I’m working with friends. &pretty much everyone is either the same age or older than me. It’s hard to gain respect and authority that way. I hope they will think I’m a good assistant manager and not hate me.

My manager really likes me too, so that’s good… And bad.. I hope that people don’t hate me for it.

Anyway! I’m really grateful so praise God! Hopefully I won’t be so careless and make minimal mistakes. I will work hard!

HK nostalgia

It’s like 3 am in the morning and I can’t sleep back cause I slept at seven.

Just looking back to my old Instagram photos of my trip to Hong Kong the past summer. I realized how blessed I was to be able to go for so long. I had so much fun. I wish I took more photos.

If anyone has a chance to go, they should definitely visit. I think a good tour guide is very important. So much culture and things to love in HK.

Hong Kong is an amazing place and will always hold a special place in my heart. A very, very, special place.

Gloomy days call for gloomy posts.

I hate the feeling of being under appreciated.

I’ve been paying the family’s phone bills every month since freshman year in high school. There’s four of us, so it adds up to a lot.

It’s really really sad when my mom doesn’t understand how much I’ve already sacrificed for the family. After the bills this month I’m left with 30 dollars in my pocket. There’s so much that I can do with the money for the bills, but I choose to do what I do. The bills are more than half my pay check. She makes me seem like I have a lot of extra money that I’m trying to hide from her. I don’t. I’ve been wanting a new bag for ages but all I can afford right now is a 12 dollar one on amazon.

I’m crying, and I’m disappointed in myself. This happens so many times I would’ve thought I’ve been used to it by now. Crying makes me feel silly.

Xoxo, GG.

It’s so hard not to gossip. People’s lives are just so much more interesting than mine. Such a bad habit, I know. I’m trying, I’m trying. I always feel really guilty …but it’s..interesting. Gossiping is the perfect definition of a guilty pleasure.

Are discussions okay though? … Of other people’s lives. #kidding

Sigh. Life is so hard.

Good updates

My boss at my new job said he really likes me and he sees a good future for me! I think this is always comforting to hear from someone of such high authority. It may seem insensitive to say but sometimes I think we need to shout to the world how great we’ve done!

Yay!! Good job, Christine, you did well!