Morals challenged

My father hasn’t been the most faithful man out there. Thus, adultery…, cheating, is a sensitive topic to me. I always cringe when my friends get involved with taken men. Do I tell them to stop? Or should I tell them to ‘live a little’?

Something borrowed by Emily Griffin was a book I picked up at the library today. L. has been a good influence on me. She’s a friend from PA, (goes to college there) and visiting for the holidays. Anyway, it’s about a girl that slept with her best friend’s fiancée. Super scandalous and a pretty interesting read. Until the middle of the novel. That’s when I started to question the validity of the affair and relationship.

Throughout the book, the author tried to portray the affair as justifiable. The best friend wasn’t a great friend, and towards the end of the book, (spoiler alert!),

ended up cheating on the fiancée anyway.

Scandal, the recent hit TV show, is also a terrific example. The president’s marriage is mundane and dry, anyway.

So is it wrong to cheat? Where are the lines for good and bad? Do these blurry lines exists? Or are things either black or white?

&Perhaps I shall give my father a second chance to redeem himself? A chance to hear his side of the story?

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