Gloomy days call for gloomy posts.

I hate the feeling of being under appreciated.

I’ve been paying the family’s phone bills every month since freshman year in high school. There’s four of us, so it adds up to a lot.

It’s really really sad when my mom doesn’t understand how much I’ve already sacrificed for the family. After the bills this month I’m left with 30 dollars in my pocket. There’s so much that I can do with the money for the bills, but I choose to do what I do. The bills are more than half my pay check. She makes me seem like I have a lot of extra money that I’m trying to hide from her. I don’t. I’ve been wanting a new bag for ages but all I can afford right now is a 12 dollar one on amazon.

I’m crying, and I’m disappointed in myself. This happens so many times I would’ve thought I’ve been used to it by now. Crying makes me feel silly.

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