How my Martin Luther Day was spent

I was just getting my normal weekly-monthly dosage of senior anxiety. When you feel like none of your applications for college went through, because everyone is getting acceptance letters but you. I was checking all my online application statuses, when I received a phone call from my manager telling me to roll to work. They needed me to work ASAP.

So, thus began my ten hour shift. Making silly mistakes only when it mattered most; in front of the big boss…. Carelessness is my weakest trait I’ve been trying for four years to rid…Still working on it.

My shift finally ended at 8pm, which was also when all the juice happened.

We didn’t really have a proper lunch, since it was so busy. So my bosses treat us to dinner after work.
When we arrived to the typical Chinese restaurant, I expected things to be served in family style. Big plates of food on the lazy Susan, served with rice on each person’s plates. Little did I know….

Shark fin, abalone, fancy fish and expensive dishes came rolling in. It was pretty awkward for the most part. The social classes in the room were just too drastic, not to mention the age difference as well. Some had kids, while others, like me, did not even finish high school. One of the conversations went like this: ( It was a really bad attempt at trying to break the ice)

Boss 1: …. ( carrying on from previous conversation ) … Yeah haha I gained so much weight.

Boss 2: Oh, yeah. Me and boss 1 here were gambling. We made a bet, if he could lose 10 pounds in 3 months I would give him $10,000. He lost!!!

Both: hahahahahahaah !!!

Me: Ha…ha… Ha.. ?!?

Like, jeez. Is this what rich people do with their money?!?

I think it was just the differences rich and old people have that shocked me so much. Other than that, it was just another working day.

Anyway, yeah. So that’s that. Tiring day, but grateful to God for always being good to me. Thank you



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