Reasons why Princess Christine is partner less

When I tell people I’ve never had a boyfriend before, I get very mixed reactions. Some people give me a I knew it face, while others immediate widen their eyes and question my purity.

I don’t think high school relationships are silly, I just don’t think they’re meant for me.


I cannot stand it if my boyfriend doesn’t have a job. About .5 out of 10 high school boys are independent enough to find a proper job, thus I am still single. If you don’t have a job and you’re paying for my dinner, do I thank you? Or do I thank your parents?


Time. Full time student & 35 hours a week. I have 2pm-9pm shifts. Sometimes I may have to stay till 12am. The two days that I am off, I have church. Hang out after work? Nope, too tired. Don’t think so. Sorry.


My personality. I can be very easy to please, but you need to know what you are doing. Mood swings and bad temper are also a daily thing.


I would be very, very, bad girlfriend material. I’m so inconsiderate and insensitive. I’m just not as thoughtful as a girlfriend should be.


Trust issues, from parents. Oops! I would be that annoying insecure girlfriend. Until I learn to trust, I shouldn’t be in anything other than school+work.

The list goes on but it continues with something along the lines of white boys and how they do not love me back LOL. #kiddingnotkidding. Silly reasons, so I will not bore you with them. This is your little dosage of Christine today.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year! Happy CNY!



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