Remember that male manager I spoke of a few weeks ago? He got fired today.

It may not seem as crazy because my blog post about him wasn’t that serious, but I am so relieved. His personality was just so difficult to get along with. ( He made 2 girls cry and 2 guys quit. So, perhaps I am not always the correct one, but I’m definitely not the only one with a problem. )

Throughout the whole day I was just so happy. My seven hour shift could not have passed by with any more joy. Even as I was walking home, I would smile to myself.

& then I realize that this manager has been controlling my emotions in a way. He was able to refrain me from the happiness that I deserve for a short period of time. & I never want that to happen again.


Sometimes TV teaches me more than school does

Because if we are busy hiding what we have done it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who discovers our secrets.
And we become so consumed with keeping them, that it is a slippery slope to doing even worse things.

Suits Season 2 Episode 1


I want to move really far away and start over.

I hate the feeling of treasuring a friendship more than someone else does. It makes me feel so stupid and silly. Ugh.

This is why I need to be alone. Friends are such complex earthlings.

I need to move away. Too bad I’m staying close by for college. $$$$

& then there’s work for the next 4 days. Shoot me shoot me.

I am still having problems with my manager. Deep breath, Christine. You’ll get through this week.

XOXO to myself.

Women perks that we do not have

It should be illegal for girls to work while we are on our periods.

My vagina is sore, my back is sore and I have a really bad stomachache. (Sorry please excuse vulgar language and bad imagery)

I think God is trying to punish me because I always brag about the fact that I don’t have cramps. I’m not laughing anymore. Stomach hurts so much I’m curling into a ball at the registers.

My male manager (Whom I previously blogged about) actually offered to let me go home early. signs of humanity! Cheers! but I refused. Going home early= signs of weakness. I am not weak!! I don’t want to be, at least.

Tooodles while I continue to suffer in pain. 1 and a half hour left of my shift.



My male manager is so condescending & annoying. The times he tries to be funny, he’s not funny at all. He makes jokes about people’s religion and think he’s hilarious……Dude is in his thirties. I thought men matured as they aged? Guess they actually stay the same.

I have lost all faith in humanity.

Okay, not really. I’m just really annoyed.


Good updates

I got a text from my ex-boss telling me to sub in for the past Saturday. I had a 6am shift -1pm & told him I could make it at the office by 1:30. He said okay, 1:30 was fine.

Long story short, I GOT A RAISE—from my old job. After much debating, I agreed to be their sub for Saturday afternoons until they found someone. He rose my pay as an incentive.

Thus, I’m officially a full time student & full time worker!! (40+ hours a week) It’s tiring, definitely, but I can’t imagine life not working. It makes me feel important and useful. Not to mention: money=security.

Hope everyone stays safe in the snow,