I hate surprises & irresponsible people

I was pretty much forced to pay 600 almost 700 dollars this month for things I’m not responsible for. That’s practically one and a half of my paycheck. My mom is in Hong Kong, I’m still debating whether or not I should give her another 200 because I don’t want my older sister paying for her everything… She’s getting married and that itself is a lot to pay for.

Came home, saw the bill, and I cried.

I cannot stand people that cannot set their priorities straight and just leave others with messes to fix.

Sucks to suck… I try so hard to save & this is where my money goes. Someone please SOS. My perspective of sadness is reaching a level of 8. Possibly a 10.

Not a lot of things make me cry but money is always one of them. I feel silly crying over pieces of green paper.

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