I cannot stand people that think they are so much older than me when it’s only one year. Seriously, please just calm down a little bit.

I’m stuck with this 19 year old guy that does closing shifts everyday…Literally I see him more than my mom. &Let’s just get it out there that’s he’s not the best looking guy.

Everything he does just annoys me so much. Every time he says something he just asks me why, or asks me to repeat myself.

‘ Coffee lite, no sugar. Coffee lite, no sugar. Coffee, lite, no sugar! COFFEEEEEE. LITEEEEE. NO SUGAR. ‘ shit!!

Okay, I understand. You’re not proficient in English, but repeating myself 99999 just makes me want to smack you. Especially since there’s a long line of customers in front of me.

One time he came to me with the extra milk left from a customer’s
Latte & goes ” want me to feed you? ” I gave him a very serious “No” and proceeded with washing all the equipment. Please do not bother me with dumb jokes when I have so much crap to do.

&I realize I’ve become sort of biest towards him. Him & another person can do the same thing but what he does will piss me off.
It’s bad, I know. I’m trying to change my views.

If he was a cute guy, my reaction would be so different. I would constantly be blushing and giggle all the time. I would listen to what he says and answer all his questions.

‘ Coffee lite, no sugar please! Coffee lite, no sugar! Coffee, lite, no sugar! Do you need help? Here, I’ll do it! ‘

This is all so bad.. I’m such a bad earthling…

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