The Game

I don’t want to play games.

I can be happy on my own.


New factzz

So… I learned yesterday night that I cannot play dice. Hardest game ever, no clue how people win. I think I lost seven games before I won once LOL.

But I never had so much fun losing, so I guess I will play again.

& lose to everyone



Came home for the first time in weeks at 1:30pm. That rejuvenating feeling of taking a nap and having 6+ hours before you need to sleep again. I feel like I lived 2 days in one day. It’s amazing.

One of those great Friday nights where I take my once a month shower. One direction is singing to me in beautiful love hymns right outside my shower curtain. ahhhh.

I have a crazy day ahead of me tomorrow:

10:00am Get to new job for Drug test

10:30am Be at old job & getting to work

2:30pm Be outta work and omw to yoga lessons ( Which btw, I totally LOVE! I think I actually found a sport I like!)

3:00pm Yoga begins!

5:40pm Yoga ends and need to change+do makeup for Co worker’s birthday dinner

6:00pm Dinner time !! yayy !!!

Whenever it ends: Meet up Church friends for small group @ Panera….Hopefully before it ends. (Still undecided as to whether or not I will be going… probably not.. I doubt my schedule allows it… I think I am really pushing it haha)

Whew!! I don’t know how I always manage to give myself 20-30 minute gaps. Luckily everything is conveniently located around the same area.  Except for Panera Bread. I don’t know how I’m going to make that.

It’s good keeping busy though. Time passes by fairly quickly.


My boss is so.. Weird.

I told him we were out of milk one time and he goes ‘ there’s no more milk? How is that possible? There are so many girls! ‘

Like… Uhm… O K

& then there’s that awkward conversation when he asks a co worker why she doesn’t wear leggings. She replied with ‘ because it’s too tight’ & he goes

‘ that’s the point, I want to see your butt’ ( something VERY along those lines)



I complain way too much. I need to stop. There’s so much going for my life and I only focus on the negatives. My perspective needs to change and I need to see my life as half full.

With that being said, today was a good day. I got paid, and had a spontaneous lunch with a coworker/friend. We connect very well and she’s someone I’m learning to trust and love a lot. It was nice comforting talk. Light day after a heavy shift.

Good start, Christine!! Good start !! (‘:

There’s so much more to life than everything I claim to be missing.



The three day UCONN experience was really really satisfying. I realized that dorming was something that I really wanted to do, but definitely cannot. Although money does play a big role, even logically, it does not make sense for me to dorm. I’m am getting paid to go to a college with great surrounding connections. I just need to hammer it into my stubborn head that Baruch outweighs the pros for any dorming school. 

So in the meantime I guess I will visit my friend more whenever I feel like I want to experience that dorm life again. Thank you, A. !! I met a lot of new people and there were definitely a lot of funny moments. 

Just slightly sad that I am back in NY. 

Can I just faint forever please

Spring breakkkkkk

I had a really great day today. I woke up in the morning to take my Baruch placement exam. There was a train delay from a track fire, so I was late. The exam was actually kind of hard. Not taking math for two years made me forget everything. 2-4=99

After coming out from the exam, I ate the salad my mother prepared for me in the morning. It was nice, and filling. Walked around my school for a little bit. It makes me really excited to be there in the fall.

Then I went to a nearby fairway. Honestly fairway is such a nice place. There are so many brands of things you cannot get from other stores. I’m glad it’s so close to the school. I walked out with two bottles of rose lemonade. I’m definitely going to be making frequent trips there, hopefully. If my schedule allows.

I started heading to work after that. I walked all the way to the Empire State to take the F train. That’s my go to station, haha. It’s just easy to find because I used to work around that area.

I usually dread work but it wasn’t half bad today. I would like to say it was because I knew I didn’t have for work the next three days, but it wasn’t. Although it probably did play a small role. A customer gave me a five dollar tip for walking one block down with his coffee.

I was pretty hyper for the rest of the day. Hence why I am still awake at such an unearthly hour. Perhaps it was the mocha, perhaps it was the 5 dollars.

Going to UCONN tmr for three days!



Story time

So today, I found twenty dollars in the floor at work with no wallet. Obviously my co workers wanted me to treat them to something. There is a dessert place next to my store so that’s what we decided to do.

They picked the desserts & I didn’t. I was hoping to get something else after work. One of my coworkers gets out early so she went and got the desserts for them.

She comes back and tells me she spent it all, to which I respond its ok, though I was upset. She offered to pay me back, but i found the money, it was probably not mine to begin with. So I said no. What made me even more upset is the fact that she threw out a ‘ you found it anyway ‘

If she at least got something little for me I would’ve felt so much better. All I wanted was 2.50 to get some sheshkababs ( however you spell it ).

This co worker is not a bad person, & I won’t hold this against her. I just wish that next time she will think about others a little more.