Story time

So today, I found twenty dollars in the floor at work with no wallet. Obviously my co workers wanted me to treat them to something. There is a dessert place next to my store so that’s what we decided to do.

They picked the desserts & I didn’t. I was hoping to get something else after work. One of my coworkers gets out early so she went and got the desserts for them.

She comes back and tells me she spent it all, to which I respond its ok, though I was upset. She offered to pay me back, but i found the money, it was probably not mine to begin with. So I said no. What made me even more upset is the fact that she threw out a ‘ you found it anyway ‘

If she at least got something little for me I would’ve felt so much better. All I wanted was 2.50 to get some sheshkababs ( however you spell it ).

This co worker is not a bad person, & I won’t hold this against her. I just wish that next time she will think about others a little more.

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