Spring breakkkkkk

I had a really great day today. I woke up in the morning to take my Baruch placement exam. There was a train delay from a track fire, so I was late. The exam was actually kind of hard. Not taking math for two years made me forget everything. 2-4=99

After coming out from the exam, I ate the salad my mother prepared for me in the morning. It was nice, and filling. Walked around my school for a little bit. It makes me really excited to be there in the fall.

Then I went to a nearby fairway. Honestly fairway is such a nice place. There are so many brands of things you cannot get from other stores. I’m glad it’s so close to the school. I walked out with two bottles of rose lemonade. I’m definitely going to be making frequent trips there, hopefully. If my schedule allows.

I started heading to work after that. I walked all the way to the Empire State to take the F train. That’s my go to station, haha. It’s just easy to find because I used to work around that area.

I usually dread work but it wasn’t half bad today. I would like to say it was because I knew I didn’t have for work the next three days, but it wasn’t. Although it probably did play a small role. A customer gave me a five dollar tip for walking one block down with his coffee.

I was pretty hyper for the rest of the day. Hence why I am still awake at such an unearthly hour. Perhaps it was the mocha, perhaps it was the 5 dollars.

Going to UCONN tmr for three days!



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