Came home for the first time in weeks at 1:30pm. That rejuvenating feeling of taking a nap and having 6+ hours before you need to sleep again. I feel like I lived 2 days in one day. It’s amazing.

One of those great Friday nights where I take my once a month shower. One direction is singing to me in beautiful love hymns right outside my shower curtain. ahhhh.

I have a crazy day ahead of me tomorrow:

10:00am Get to new job for Drug test

10:30am Be at old job & getting to work

2:30pm Be outta work and omw to yoga lessons ( Which btw, I totally LOVE! I think I actually found a sport I like!)

3:00pm Yoga begins!

5:40pm Yoga ends and need to change+do makeup for Co worker’s birthday dinner

6:00pm Dinner time !! yayy !!!

Whenever it ends: Meet up Church friends for small group @ Panera….Hopefully before it ends. (Still undecided as to whether or not I will be going… probably not.. I doubt my schedule allows it… I think I am really pushing it haha)

Whew!! I don’t know how I always manage to give myself 20-30 minute gaps. Luckily everything is conveniently located around the same area.  Except for Panera Bread. I don’t know how I’m going to make that.

It’s good keeping busy though. Time passes by fairly quickly.

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