back pains

I don’t remember if I blogged about this but my lower back is getting really annoying. The DR. said I don’t move enough & for me to do yoga. So whatever. Been doing yoga the past two-three weeks for four to five times a week. It really helped in the beginning, but now it’s… I don’t even know.

When I bend bend bend to my limits, sometimes it will feel better; sometimes it makes it worse. Sometimes it hurts so much after I bend that I cannot even lay on my belly because there is constant stinging.

Then when I don’t bend to my limits it will still hurt. Then I bend my back while I shower & somehow the pain is not as prominent again.

So honestly, I don’t even know if yoga is helping.

I really am getting frustrated and annoyed though. It’s not serious enough for me to eat tylenol, but.. I just feel like something is in my back.

what is wrong with me !! I do not have time to go to the DR again. o m g


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