xoxo for real

So okay, fine. I will blog about it.

The other day my friend got really offended by the way I speak to him.  I basically asked friend ” how is your stupid self doing ” and he got mad. Honestly, you’ve known me for so long, knowing this is the way I speak, why would you get mad… I do not understand.

& It’s also the fact that we always joked around to have him suddenly like this, I just laughed. Literally, I LOLed when he typed ‘ what is your problem’ as a response.

Because if you scrolled to our last real conversation from 2 months ago he scared me by pretending to get mad when I said something about going somewhere (nothing offensive). I believed him, and thought he was joking this time too.


I can’t take the hot and cold type of thing. Okay, you’re growing up, whatever. Way to make me feel more pathetic than I already do by saying ” I just don’t tolerate this type of language anymore” I’m sorry you’ve been tolerating me all along!

I can’t believe I actually felt bad that night. …..Why am I even thinking about it right now.


So, friend, if you ever come across this. Yes, I’m actually kind of mad. Not the kind where I will not speak to you. But I don’t think we can ever be the way we were before. If it was ever really anything to you. Don’t get me wrong, I still care for you, and definitely wish you the best in everything. That is something that will never ever change, but I just think maybe our personalities are not very compatible. I’m insensitive and probably immature, according to you.

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