3 in 1

I suddenly just have so much feelings.. Is it even possible to feel jealousy, uncomfortable and frustration all in one morning?!

I woke up and started thinking about yesterday, my brother graduated from pharmacy school ( YAYY, officially breaking out of the rut) and we went our to dinner with his girlfriend’s family. I have a family of four, and she had a family of three, we went to a steakhouse and had dinner. It was good, the food was really filling. But he grabbed the check in the end and that just made me feel so uncomfortable. I just, I can’t. It’s bothering me so much I feel so bad. I mean, it was super nice of him. But ugh… I can’t !!

Whatever, I’m trying to push the feelings away. I go on Instagram to wake myself up. ( it’s my sad pathetic daily routine) I’m scrolling, checking out how many people liked my pic at my bro’s graduation, and then I see her picture. My friend just got a shiny new white SUV as an early grad present. don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous is what I keep chanting in my head, but obviously it doesn’t work.

Then as I go on to WordPress to blog about my feelings, ( because by now it’s overflowing) my sister tells me my mom and my even older sister are fighting on our group chat. My mom causes so much problems with her mouth. I honestly think it’s so hard to get along with her. Ugh.. I just cannot.

Life is so annoying, please just take me out or something.

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