Pep talk

My brother recently asked me for $300 because he is pretty broke coming from a five week road trip. Not to mention all these pharmacist tests he had to sign up for which added to over $1000. And to fix his car for $2000

Of course I couldn’t say no. This was coming from a father-figure brother, who gave up a couple years of his golden twenties to support the family.

This morning I got the message that he is in need of another 500-600. Money drives me totally crazy. My sister is splitting with me this time, but it’s still such a big burden.

I have to save up for Hong Kong next summer, my sister is getting married. But I don’t think it’s going well. This sucks, because if anyone remembers it was the only thing keeping me going.

I’m so tired all the time, my legs are always sore, my muscles are sore. I just want to rest more and work less. I’m really, really, really exhausted.

Well, to be fair I’m doing pretty good job for an almost 18 year old. 3 jobs and 15 an hour for one of them? Score Christine, score!! You’ll succeed in the future, I know it! Hard work pays off and don’t forget that.

Xoxo and some extra cause I really need it xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

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