Just took my blog off my Instagram

Incase my coworkers find this because I will talk about them here. Nothing bad, but it’s just weird if they read it.

So, let me just update you because I haven’t been really writing anything here.

I recently got close to co worker A. Not even close, but we just started to talk more. After work, during our shifts, etc etc. We decided to eat some dessert after our shift, and suddenly Co Worker B calls. I thought it was weird because B is a morning shift and A is a night shift. So I asked her ‘ ohh, are you guys close like that? (Cause this was like 1am in the morning) ‘ and she goes…’no not really’ & I let it drop. Then, in one of our conversations, she tells me that she knows Co worker B (male), C (female) and D (male) before hand. & I just reply in a slightly shocked manner because I just know that one guy from my trig & physics class sophomore year of high school.

The next day, co worker A texts me to meet up early for coffee. When we meet up, the first thing she tells me is ‘ sorry, I just wanted to let you know that me and coworker B are actually brother and sister,& I feel so bad for lying to you. ‘ & I just reply with a even more shocked manner, but I drop it because frankly it really isn’t any of my business anyway. She made me swore that I would tell no one, but honestly I don’t care enough to tell it to anybody…

Fast forward almost a week later, it is now yesterday. I worked with co worker C, (female) and told her some embarrassing things, had a chill time, and soon, it was time to go home. We split up our closing shift duties and she dips with my other coworker E ( not really important in the story).

I’m stuck checking in this one last guy because life sucks and everyone hates me. Whatever though, I check that man in, I dip, and I’m walking home. I’m a block away from my workplace when I see Co worker C with Coworker B.

My Sherlock skills just went through the roof and it just occurred to me that Coworker B is Coworker C’s “boyfriend” who always picks her up.

& if the story is not too confusing, you’ll remember that B is A’s brother.. SO THEY ARE ALL RELATED.

What. The. Hell. Is going on…..

& Co worker D, he’s B’s best friend, and someone that I thought was cute. But I’m not going to admit it if anyone from work finds my blog and tells him… Xoxo

After this I basically just don’t trust anyone. & I feel so uncomfortable with co worker B.. I’m basically an open book to him and to me he’s just a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Ugh fml … Never telling anyone about my life lol…

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