I went out at 3:00pm.. It is now 12:50am. Don’t really know what happened.

It’s my third night drinking this week, and yes, I should really stop. I usually have really good control but tonight I just got fucked up.

We got to the KTV And we just drank so much… And then I just remember crying about my dad and everyone coming to comfort me which was so pathetic … O m g I really out did myself this time. I am a dumbass… My guy co worker saw me cry my eyes out.

And I’m so sorry I harassed you all night, because in my memory it was only like 3 times, four times tops. He was the only guy, and he was late, so..

O m g.

Not to mention I saw my sister’s best friend on my way out. LMAO. Apparently he offered me a ride but I just remember slapping his chest and telling him not to tell my sister haha…

This would be funny to look back on.

Fuck…. Haha … It’s funny now but I don’t think I’m going to think the same tomorrow morning lol..

And please let me mention the fact that I came home with no more eyeliner on HAHA … I cannot… I’m retarded



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