friends? lol! stop playing gamessss

I feel so dumb that I treated other people so much more important than what I was to them. Going back to my facebook and seeing my attempts to mend friendships makes me so mad. There is a group on facebook for most of the seniors from church. I asked if we could meet again before everyone leaves (justified, right? everyone is going to college!) & ONE person replied. 

ok. Sorry for caring about the friendship more than you. 

Whatever, I’m not even sad that I lost x amount of friends. It’s just like, shit… seriously? ouch.. just got slapped in the face HARD with reality. 


& maybe it’s cause I was in a pissy mood since my brother pissed me off. Which actually doesn’t really happen very often. I’m actually not very pissed anymore hahaa.. & that was only like 5 minutes ago… lol. 

Now I’m mad at this whole lame friendship thing. 

& now I’m okay, I just want to watch my drama. Main character just “died”. Wasn’t born yesterday so I know my bb is still there. So, gotta run!




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