cat calls

They really aren’t something to really boast about. Literally everyone gets cat called. If you’re skinny, fat, average or whatever. It’s because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or sometimes, maybe you’re showing a lot of skin. Like me just this night. 

I was the perfect target because:

a.  I was wearing a tank top. 

b. It was after 11. ( guys get braver after 9, lol )

 c. I was alone (This usually doesn’t stop most boys, but.. let me just add it in here) 


So just picture this young Asian girl walking in a tank top and long harem pants with a bag/duffel. I just left the hotel and I’m at the corner when a bus makes a turn in front of me. 

The black, old, driver decides to stop mid turn for a good five seconds to give me a kiss and a really big smile. Cat call #1

Just a tad grossed out because of this man’s age, I make a quick disgusted face and carry on my year long journey home. (okay, it’s only around 15-20.. but you get the jist here. I hate walking) I get hungry, call home to find out no one loves me and therefore did not cook me food; I am on my way to get a box of spicy hot wings & fries. 

On my way to the chicken store I see two cute guys walk out the bar coming my direction. I’m walking by them and I catch one of them looking at me. No cat calls here, but still! +1000 life points, C. !! Cat call #1.5? 

Or maybe he was just looking because I was towards him. Sigh. 

Anyway, fast forward ten minutes: I received my chicken, opened, it, & was tearing that shit down while I was walking. I’m holding the box of chicken& fries with my left hand, drumstick in the other, and headphones in one ear. 

In my mind I know that I already am being really ratchet, so I try not to eat too crazily. I see two young people coming out from the next block and settling at the crosswalk. Perhaps to take a smoking break. I don’t know, whatever. Mad people smoke there for no reason so I don’t put too much thought into it. 

So I’m eating this drumstick, ratchet level pulled down a notch because my subconscious knows I’m on the streets. (Though still pretty damn high) I’m getting closer to the two young people.. Im’ thinking to myself: I’m almost finished chewing this bite, should I go for another? If I take a bite now they will see me and that’s going to look really ratchet. 

Fuck it,  I decided, and went for a bite. Took such a big bite that part of the crunchy skin came off and I had to tilt my head up to catch the skin. 

As my head was coming back down, one of the two guys came close to me. He was a tall Asian, most likely Korean. White T-shirt, shorts and a snap back. Nice jaw line, not too skinny, but not buff enough. Overall still a 7/10 ( Sorry this is just girl’s automatic male-body-evaluation)

He asked me if I knew where 165th street was, and I told him. I asked him what was the cross street, he told me. I pointed to the wrong direction. Then i caught my mistake and pointed him back in the correct direction. Shy and polite smiles were given from both parties. He gave his thanks, and said ” You’re really cute, by the way!” Cat Call #2, & from cute guy so bonus points +1000000 

By this time my back was already facing him, and I chose to ignore it. He was cute, so it made me giddy and smiley for the remainder of the way home. Good to know that just cause he’s cute it didn’t make me lose my senses. It was dark and late, so I think I did the right thing.

Though perhaps I should have turned around and ran to him, climb over his shoulders and licked his face. ( need water, lol ) 

Just kidding. It was just a very nice random compliment that God gave me today that I really appreciated. Even when I felt really ratchet there is a nice young guy that thought differently. It’s always a really good feeling when someone thinks highly of you even when you don’t feel very.. worthy. 

So yeah, that’s tonight’s story. If you read it don’t laugh at me. 



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