Good day

Yesterday I went to my brother’s friend’s BBQ. It was really nice, I think under normal circumstances I would be very bored. But the fact that I was not in a very social mood suit the atmosphere very well. Everyone was so busy with their kids, they didn’t really have time for me. I also had to accept the fact that I was no longer the youngest one of the group. I was looking at these adults that I met when they were in high school. Some are engaged, some are pregnant, and some already have children that are 6 years old. I’m eating my purple yam and wondering if I will be in their shoes in 10 years.

My brother met some very good friends in high school. It was the same friend that drove my family everywhere, the same friends that took care of us, the same friends that bought my family grocery shopping, the same friends that took care of Maggie while we were away, the same ones that lent us money while we were at our lows, and the ones that didn’t accept our share of the money yesterday at the BBQ.

Thinking back, It’s a little weird. I am now the same age as my brother back then, but I don’t think my friends are half as mature as them. People my age aren’t mature, in general.

So, I am really thankful for them. They are a blessing from God.



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