Worst Month Ever

I had a really bad month. It was stressful. That means a lot if you know me. I don’t ever really use that word after sophomore year of high school. THAT was stressful.

But I’ve noticed a reoccurring pattern. I always stress myself by overwhelming my schedule. I’ve learnt better though. Next semester I will not be this crazy anymore. I’m going to live my college life more to what it should be.

Though I totally don’t regret this internship. It’s annoying, and a lot of work; but its such a great and amazing opportunity. I’m trying to hook my sister up, because honestly, she’s probably more fit for the job.

& everyone is starting to date. It really makes me wonder where I should be right now. I still don’t think relationships are for me yet, I am still too immature and I recently realized I can barely take care of myself… It was such a big slap in the face because I always thought I got my shit together.

Next week I am going to crash my friend’s dorm in Fordham. I hope we get to spend some quality time together. & mostly I just want to experience that dorm life I always wanted for myself.

more updates soon,




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