Mom, you are very hard to live with.

There are certain things that I can no longer stand.

So much so, that l don’t know if love is an accurate term anymore.

Of course, I remember the times you’ve done so much for me. You try to give me the most even when you have none. That birthday party you threw for me when we were still living at Peck Ave, is still very very clear for me. Years ago, but still fresh on my mind. You made my friends & I pasta, with chips and soda.

Thank you.

But sometimes that’s just not going to work.

The damage is done, and I’m sorry that I cannot love you the same anymore.

My sister does, my brother does; but like Michelle, I cannot.

I just cannot forgive anymore

still, you can have my xx



17 Insanely Tasty Junk Foods You Must Try When You Visit Chicago

… booking ticket to chicago now…

Thought Catalog

1. Giordano’s pizza

This is bible:

A GudeA Gude

2. More pizza

This time from Ian’s:

John KannenbergJohn Kannenberg

3. Actually this could be a whole post of pizzas

Lou Malnati’s now:

Pat & KeriPat & Keri

4. But we can’t forsake the Chicago dog


Arnold GatilaoArnold Gatilao

5. Or Chicago-style Italian beef

Pictured here from Tony’s:

Kris Vera-PhillipsKris Vera-Phillips

6. A “mother-in-law” sandwich”

AKA a tamale in a hot dog bun with chili on top:

Southern Foodways AllianSouthern Foodways Allian

7. The french fries at Chicago’s Dog House


Chicago's Dog House FacebookChicago’s Dog House Facebook

8. Garrett Popcorn

This is cheese flavor:

Omar ChatriwalaOmar Chatriwala

9. The poutine of your wildest dreams

At Big Cheese Poutinerie they have everything from Oktoberfest (pictured) to “meat candy” to meatloaf poutine.

Big Cheese Poutinerie FacebookBig Cheese Poutinerie Facebook

10. Doughnuts from Doughnut Vault

You just have to wake up early and get them before they run out:


11. Saganaki

Sagnaki is a Greek…

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