& who can say they have done what I’ve done

I’ve just transferred 1g into my brother’s account without looking back. He just took half of my security away, and I’m in a point where I can’t earn it back. Not until 3 or 4 months later.

I’m thankful for him though, he’s done way more for me. So this is just to reassure me that it’s ok, all is not at ends.

I just don’t feel as safe anymore.


oh gross

I just read my last two posts about the boy I was catching feelings for. Uh, yeah… I don’t know what I was thinking.. this always happens to me… haha… I don’t even know what I want…. This is why I cannot date anyone #immature

Worst Month Ever

I had a really bad month. It was stressful. That means a lot if you know me. I don’t ever really use that word after sophomore year of high school. THAT was stressful.

But I’ve noticed a reoccurring pattern. I always stress myself by overwhelming my schedule. I’ve learnt better though. Next semester I will not be this crazy anymore. I’m going to live my college life more to what it should be.

Though I totally don’t regret this internship. It’s annoying, and a lot of work; but its such a great and amazing opportunity. I’m trying to hook my sister up, because honestly, she’s probably more fit for the job.

& everyone is starting to date. It really makes me wonder where I should be right now. I still don’t think relationships are for me yet, I am still too immature and I recently realized I can barely take care of myself… It was such a big slap in the face because I always thought I got my shit together.

Next week I am going to crash my friend’s dorm in Fordham. I hope we get to spend some quality time together. & mostly I just want to experience that dorm life I always wanted for myself.

more updates soon,